Incredible Beginner Pole Moves for Newbie Brisbane Strippers

Being a stripper means you have to have some really nice pole moves. Even after several attempts to watch YouTube videos of how it is done, it is still essential that you go through series of practices if you ever dream of becoming one of the strippers Brisbane features someday.

Of course, it won’t be easy but is anything ever easy? This article will provide you with some beginner classic pole moves if you’re new to the stripping thingy. It will also feature some self-care tips for newbie strippers. So, if that is what you’re here for, sit back, relax and read closely.

Incredible Beginner Pole Moves for Newbie Brisbane Strippers

Learning how to pole dance can be quite daunting especially as someone who knows nothing of it. If you have been given the opportunity to see people train, you’ll know that there is just so much to remember. Besides, a pole dance instructor has to be very patient so students can grasp and learn each move well.

The tricks this article will be revealing are mostly for beginner pole dancers. It’s something pole dancers worldwide should have gone through. Don’t rush it or think you’re too slow. Just calm down, read well and practice. They would help you in building core strength that would help you transition into more advanced moves. As aforementioned, don’t rush. Take it slowly!


Typically, strippers’ Brisbane features are really good at pole dancing. If you’ve been at any strip club in Brisbane, you’ll attest to this. Don’t fret! They all started with knowing how to walk around the pole. 

Walking around a pole might sound so easy and guess what? It is! This is a key move for beginners. If you don’t get this effect, it could affect your ability to learn other moves. The focus of this move is to condition your muscles for moves that are more advanced.

When you’re walking around the pole, you should pay attention to the positioning of your body in relation to the pole. This means that, while walking, you have to make sure your shoulders are rotated backward so that you maintain a good posture. You won’t be bending but standing straight, ensuring one leg moves right in front of the other. 

How you walk is also something to be addressed. Walking on the tip of your toes or with heels will help build your leg muscles to be sturdy and fit. It will also give you an elegant posture.


This is another movie you have to master as a beginner. It is an amazing way to build up your ability to withstand pain because it will hurt. Sitting on the pole will help you have a good thigh grip on the pole. Start by sitting with your thigh and supporting yourself with your hands on the pole. 

As you master sitting comfortably, try doing so without your hands on the pole so that you have a firmer thigh grip. When you get this right, try climbing higher and doing the thigh grip. This will greatly help you to prepare for more advanced moves and you could be on your way to becoming one of the incredible strippers Brisbane features.


This spin is a classic spin. Even some talented strippers’ Brisbane features started with these. If you understand what you’re supposed to do, the fireman spin will be quite easy for you. Once you can do it, you’ll gain some confidence.

It is done with both your knees gripped to the pole. You’ll support with your hands and spin round. Your legs shouldn’t touch the floor while you do this. This move will build you to have stronger leg muscles.


Another classic spin you’ll require for more advanced moves is the backward hook spin. Here, you spin with a lot of momentum all the way till you get to the floor with your head thrown backward. It boosts your grip on the pole and develops your muscles. 

At first, it might seem quite difficult and confusing but if you can dedicate your effort and time to it, you’ll be on your way to becoming one of the best strippers Brisbane ever had. To get it, make sure your arms and legs are in the right position.


Although this move is recommended for beginners, it is quite difficult. To lift yourself in this position will take a lot of strength from you. This is why before getting to do this; you should have mastered the previous grips and spins to improve your core strength.

To do this move, the only part of your body touching the pole will be your two hands. Here, your top arm will be locked to the pole while your core will be supporting your other arm at the bottom. After taking this position, you’ll lift yourself high enough to the point that you are standing on your toes.

 If you are unable to do it right after you’ve learned the previous grips and spins. Don’t give up. Keep practicing. You’ll master it in no time.


Incredible Beginner Pole Moves for Newbie Brisbane Strippers

You cannot completely learn pole dancing without knowing any floor work. It makes it a lot more interesting. Most splits and spins are done all the way to the floor. You won’t just stand up afterward. You’ll have to learn some floor works to work your way back up. Some nice floor works you can try are the box splits, hair flicks, clockwork legs and bicycle splits. Incredible floor work could pitch you as a professional. You have to learn some!

Having learned the above beginner pole moves, let’s delve into:


Get enough rest- Most strippers sleep from 2 am to 9 am due to the nature of their job. This is a very poor habit that could affect their next performance. You can’t cheat nature. So, endeavor to take days off and get good sleep.

Gargle using Listerine- Listerine helps in killing germs in your mouth. Keep your breath fresh by having one in your locker.

Exercise regularly- To become one of the strippers of Brisbane features, you have to be physically fit. So, ensure you exercise thrice a week no matter how busy you may be.

Save your money– Don’t spend anyhow. Always stack some cash at the back or in your piggy bank. Emergencies don’t tell you when they’ll come visiting. Thus, it is important to save some money.


Pole dancing makes stripping so interesting. Don’t take it for granted!